Completely bizarre: 44-year-old Norwegian gets his testicles stuck in a stool


When 45-year-old Norwegian Claus Jørstad was ailing from knee problems, he placed an IKEA Marius stool in his shower so that he could sit while washing. But while doing so, a most curious misfortune befell him: when he went to stand up at the end of his shower, he discovered that his testicles had become trapped in one of the holes in the stool!

Facebook/‎Claus Jørstad

"My mobile phone was out of arm's reach by the sink. I had no idea how the hell I was going to free myself from this mess," Claus wrote regarding his complicated situation on IKEA's Facebook page. "I was banging my head against the wall. Tried again and again to liberate my crown jewels. Without success. Until I ran out of hot water. And it was very cold in the shower. Damn cold even."

Facebook/IKEA Norge

The ice cold water led to some... uhhhh... shrinkage and this allowed the Norwegian to free himself from the red plastic ball prison with no more than a gentle "plop." After Claus relayed his shocking experience on the furniture company's Facebook page, a prompt apology from the Swedish company followed, along with some good advice: "We recommend you remove the stool from the shower and settle down in a more suitable seat with some comfortable clothing on. In the future, perhaps it might be better to use the stool to display a lovely flower vase."

Facebook/IKEA Norge

Claus took the advice to heart immediately and has banned the ball-grabbing stool for further use in the shower. At least he's still able to have a good-natured laugh over his unusual mishap! 


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