Couple adopting 12-year-old ends up adopting all his siblings too

Argentinian couple Claudio Boccalon and Mariela Rzepeski had always dreamed of having children. It wasn’t as easy as they’d hoped, however. After getting married, they tried, but were sadly unsuccessful.

Next they underwent medical testing to figure out whether they could conceive at all, and then began fertility treatment. But when nothing seemed to work, they finally decided to adopt.

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This wasn’t so simple either, though. They waited 10 years before finally receiving word that there was a child they could adopt: Julio, a 12-year-old living in the province of Misiones.

When they went to visit him, they learned something unexpected: Julio wasn’t an only child — he had four younger siblings. The only problem was that he had gotten “too old” for most adoptive parents, who were looking for a younger child. But Mariela and Claudio immediately fell in love with Julio.

An outgoing child, he started talking to them right away, asking questions and telling them about his family.

He clearly adored his younger siblings and for Mariela especially, the love was contagious: "That night, for the first time, I felt like a mother. And Julio’s love for his siblings really touched our hearts: he was the door for his siblings,” she recalled later.


Neither Claudio nor Mariela could bear the idea of these kids being separated into different families. So they made a big decision: they were going to adopt not just Julio, but all five of them!

All of their lives were changed seemingly overnight, especially the parents who went from a family of two to a family of seven in one day. What a stroke of luck that these children were found by a couple willing to embrace them all together as one big family.

Check out the heartwarming video (in Spanish) of the whole gang. Even if you don't understand the language, the happiness they express as they play together will make your day:

It's a good thing there are such generous people in the world, not only open to adopting older children in need of a new family but going the extra mile to keep siblings like these together. It seems a happy life is in store for all!


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