Fascinatingly disgusting: Strange fungus "hatches" from egg

Nature is full of wonders and things that aren't easy to explain. If you go hiking in Australia, Tasmania or New Zealand, you might stumble upon this curious-looking thing that resembles a slimy egg.


Many people would take one look at this weird thing and run away, but those who stick around and wait long enough can experience a very unique wonder of nature. When the time is right, this egg-shaped object breaks open and several small "tentacles" begin to poke out.

What appears at first to be an alien being from a science fiction movie is actually a fungus called the "Devil's Fingers." The "egg" is actually more like a cocoon that nourishes the fungus in the early stages of development and the "tentacles" contain the spores.

To complete this disgusting picture, the fungus also emits a very foul aroma that smells a lot like rotting meat.

This video shows the "hatching" process:

The closer you look, the more you see that nature is often full of creepy surprises. The Devil's Fingers are a perfect example: even the most hardened mycologists get a little squeamish when they watch those tentacles erupting from a slimy egg!




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