Record: British angler catches 8 ft, 194 lb catfish

Chris Grimmer is an experienced angler, who has managed to land many a big fish. But he was not at all prepared for his record-breaking catch — which occurred while he was on a fishing holiday with friends on the River Ebro in Spain. "It took my reel and stripped it and it was then that I knew it was a big one," Chris recalled.

"It took me ages to bring it in, it was like trying to reel in a bus. One of my mates went into the water to help lift it out," Chris added. But finally, the fish was brought to the surface and Chris found he had hooked an albino catfish, measuring just over 8 ft long and weighing a little over 194 lb!

The men could hardly believe their eyes. To date, it was the largest fish that had ever been caught on the Ebro. "I was proper tired afterwards, and could hardly walk, but it was worth it," the proud angler recalled.

After they had verified its weight, the men released the enormous fish, still alive, back into the water. And who knows, maybe in the meantime, it has grown even bigger!




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