Puppy suffered terrible burns — but then met girl who understood him

When she was just over a year old, Chloe Levenson of the San Francisco Bay area was in an accident that left her severely burned. Although the scars became less visible over the years, the traumatic event left its mark on her.

Meanwhile the years passed and Chloe was growing up. As a teenager she started wanting a dog and pleaded with her mom, Toby, to get a puppy. For months, though, they couldn’t agree. Until they got an extraordinary call from the hospital that had operated on Chloe all those years ago.


There was an abandoned puppy, they explained, who had suffered terrible burns. They were looking for just the right home and the Levensons knew immediately that this was going to be it. 

Fireman, the puppy, had been staying with foster “mother” Kristy Keusch. Kristy and the animal shelter that rescued Fireman recognized that this dog would need a special family to understand him, so they reached out to the burn unit at the hospital.  


Almost killed by chemical burns, Fireman wasn’t just saved but was about to land in the most fitting possible home: with people who got exactly what he’d been through.

Today Chloe and Fireman are a gorgeous duo and seem to have helped each other recover. Finally Chloe got the puppy she’d dreamed about — and much more. There’s nothing better than people (and animals) who are meant to be together finding each other at last.

Watch the whole touching story here in this report:


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