Woman finds something very unappetizing in her take-out chicken

Fast food restaurants aren't exactly known for high quality food, but a customer at "Popeye's Louisiana Chicken" recently found out just how bad it can get.

While enjoying a meal of breaded chicken at a Popeye's restaurant in January 2017, the customer suddenly noticed that the texture of the meat between her teeth was very unusual. She quickly took it out of her mouth and found this...

As to be expected, she was disgusted and decided to post the photo along with a complaint to Popeye's on Twitter. Since then, many have been trying to determine exactly what the poor woman had been served. 

Some theorists think it's a chicken brain:

Others think it's a lung:

Popeye's Louisiana Chicken is the second largest fast food chicken restaurant in the United States with KFC holding the No. 1 spot. The company reacted to the complaint quickly and promised to compensate the customer for her repulsive culinary experience.

But the damage is probably already done. Thousands have people have already seen the photo and will most likely be choosing another option when they get a craving for some fast food. Seems like a good idea, wouldn't you say?




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