Starving dogs are saved by police

During their routine rounds in Chicago, police officers heard strange noises coming from an old, abandoned house. A sad, pitiful cry rang out through the streets. The officers decided to investigate further and entered the building.

Abandoned Building in Englewood

Inside, they found two dogs that were clearly starving; they were nothing but skin and bones. The officers were shocked. They rounded up the terrified animals and brought them to the animal rescue organization Trio Animal Foundation in the hope that they weren't too late.

Rescuers named the dogs Emmy and Oscar. Emmy weighed a mere 20 lb while Oscar was suffering from oxygen deprivation and kidney dysfunction. Emmy was so weak that she could barely walk on her own and had to be carried by her rescuers. Oscar was immediately taken to the veterinary hospital and it seemed like he might never be well enough to leave. His caretakers had to reintroduce him to nourishment very slowly because if he ate too much too soon, there was the risk that his organs would fail.

Things weren't looking good for this pair. It took three months for them to get back on their paws, but they did eventually regain their strength and playful spirit.

Of course, the animal shelter wasn't a long-term solution. Even though it was hard for them to say goodbye, the rescuers were so happy when Emmy was adopted by a family with another friendly dog at home!

Oscar also found a new family that promised to love and protect him. Thank goodness he recovered so quickly.

It's amazing that the police officers heard these two in the first place and that they decided to investigate their cries. These dogs were found just in time and now they get a second chance at a happy life!



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