Horribly abused dog saved by animal rescue

Two people were walking on the South Side of Chicago when they saw him: a completely starved dog, just skin and bones, covered in bleeding wounds. They immediately called the police.

The vets couldn't believe it. Not only was Augustus (the name they'd given him) extremely undernourished, but he had also been shot in the hind leg and had chemical burns all over his body. The burns were so bad that his fur and pieces of his skin were gone in some places, leaving deep, infected wounds in his back.

A member of the animal rescue group, Trio Animal Foundation (TAF), started crying upon seeing the dog. He was immediately taken to the intensive care station of the organization. "Augustus will likely need a blood transfusion because he has too few red blood cells," wrote one TAF helper on the organization's Facebook page.

"This is one of the worst cases of animal abuse we've ever seen. It's a miracle that he's still alive after a bullet wound, chemical burns all over his body, infections, and sores," said Bridgid Nolan, the lead vet at TAF. "But Augustus didn't give up and we won't give up on him," wrote the rescuers in their request for donations to contribute to Augustus's intensive care.

Several days later, the people at TAF could breath again: Augustus was making a steady recovery thanks to the generosity of others! He's been regularly eating and his treatments are going well.

 He's not completely in the clear, but his new friends are filled with hope. This dog is a fighter!

Thank goodness those walkers found him when they did and he's learned that there are kind people in the world.


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