Former model is fighting cancer with a big smile

Life as we know it can change from moment to moment. This was the case for the sports model Cheyann Clark, who at age 23 was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

The beautiful model regularly participated in bikini contests that showcased her sculpted figure. She used to go to the gym every day to tone and keep her body as fit as possible. She was happily living in Florida with her husband and worked in real estate. Prior to beginning her cancer treatments, Cheyann weighed 130 lb. and looked like this:


Una foto publicada por Cheyann Shaw (@cheymarie_fit) el

That was until she found out she had ovarian cancer and had to immediately start chemotherapy.

Her treatment forced her to stop exercising which was difficult for her considering that she had been working out regularly since she was a child. She also moved home to Seattle so her parents could care for her. After her surgery and treatments, she looked like this:


Una foto publicada por Cheyann Shaw (@cheymarie_fit) el

She says the disease has completely changed her life. Not only has she lost all of her hair, but her physique, which she worked so hard to maintain, was suddenly completely altered. One of the hardest parts of the treatment was learning she would never be able to have children — hard to hear when you're only 23 years old.

But Cheyann is far from discouraged and sees this as a challenge. "The best advice I can give anyone fighting cancer or anyone who is having a bad time is to never give up. Never stop enjoying and living life,” said the courageous woman.


Una foto publicada por Cheyann Shaw (@cheymarie_fit) el

Cheyann is still undergoing treatment, but thankfully the worst is over. She tries her best to remain positive and keep smiling even though it's challenging. Since she won't be able to have children of her own, she hopes to adopt or find an egg donor in the future. Here's how she is looking today — beautiful!


Una foto publicada por Cheyann Shaw (@cheymarie_fit) el

This woman's love of life is captivating. We wish her all the best in her continued recovery and hope she's able to get back on her feet in no time!




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