Too young? Mother dyes her two-year-old daughter's hair pink

The mother of a two-year-old girl sparked controversy in the United States when she appeared to have acted irresponsibly towards her daughter. Blogger Charity Grace LeBlanc now finds herself at the center of a storm.

After Charity had dyed her daughter Felicity's hair, the professional make-up artist and yoga expert came in for some sharp criticism, much of which was unjustified.

Some users on Charity's site believed that the mother was exposing her daughter to harsh chemicals when she dyed her hair pink. Perhaps preempting how viewers would react, Charity clearly explained what she was doing in the instructional video featuring her daughter.

"She [Felicity] has been asking for pink hair for a long time now. […] I'm not lightening her hair because I don't want to cause any damage to it as she's still very little. The dye is semi-permanent, so it will wash out in a little bit," Charity said.

It wasn't just the possible adverse effects on the young girl's health that came into question — some argued that you shouldn't tell children that they can simply change they way they look at such a young age; they need to first accept their own natural appearance.

With over 95% of the 1,700 ratings on YouTube being positive so far, it appears that only a small minority didn't like the video though. This trend is also reflected in the comments. In the original post, Charity even asked her fans whether they would allow their own daughters to have their hair dyed.

Watch the original video showing how Charity dyed her daughter's hair:

By Felicity's reaction, it seems as though the discomfort from having her hair brushed and the unpleasant process of applying the dye was worth it.

Despite disapproval from some quarters, most people have come out in support of Charity's decision. Most importantly, young Felicity seems to be delighted with her new look!


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