Guilt-wracked boyfriend marries his longtime girlfriend at her funeral

Chadil and Sarinya had met when they were students at Eastern Asia University outside Thailand's bustling capital city of Bangkok. They spent 10 wonderful years together and had planned one day to marry.  However, a terrible twist of fate would cast dark clouds over their plans.

As committed to Sarinya as he was, Chadil had put off an official engagement first until he finished his studies and then, once his career as a television producer consumed more and more of his time and attention, marriage just seemed to be less of a priority. It seemed as if the young couple had plenty of time. What was the rush?

And so, like many long-time couples, their relationship simply continued status quo. They were happy together, dreamed of their futures, and enjoyed each other's company.

But then something happened that would derail all of their plans. Only 29-years-old, Sarinya was in a horrific car accident and died from her injuries. Everyone who knew her was shocked and devastated, not least her devoted boyfriend.

Chadil’s world collapsed. He was wracked with guilt that the two had never realized their dream of getting married. He was determined to find a way to make it up to Sarinya. And so, at her funeral, he finally became her husband.

The grief-stricken groom wore a black tuxedo and top hat.

Sarinya's body lay in a decorated pavilion. She wore a white wedding dress, veil, and elbow-length lace gloves.

Chadil kissed his bride’s hand as tears poured down his cheeks.

He then took the wedding ring and slipped it on her finger. Sarinya had dreamed of one day being a bride; Chadil had failed to make this dream come true while she was alive. He wanted nothing more than to try and correct his mistake.

Before she was laid to rest, Chadil gave Sarinya one final kiss on the forehead. 

Chadil published photos from the ceremony on his Facebook page with a poignant statement of regret. "In your eyes, our action might seem as a great love. But for us, it is the mistake which we could not go back in time to correct. Remember, life is short."


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