Baby dies after being electrocuted by cell phone charger

Aktau, Kazakhstan was recently the location of a very tragic accident involving a smartphone charger.

The parents of a young girl allowed her to play with one of their smartphones but failed to notice that it was still plugged into the charger.

The child suffered an electric shock and lost consciousness. By the time her parents got her to the hospital, she was already dead.

Although obviously traumatized and in mourning, the parents of the child have decided to make public a photo of the electrical burn their daughter suffered. They hope that it will serve as a warning to others about the dangers posed by cell phone chargers.

Cell phone incidents this extreme are very rare, but a few precautions are advised. In addition to not using a phone while it is being charged, you should only use chargers made by the phone's manufacturer. Most problems with short-circuiting, fires, and electric shocks involve cheap, third party chargers.

This family has suffered a terrible loss and a horrific tragedy. Hopefully their message will reach others and help to prevent more accidents like this from happening.


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