Woman makes waves online by parodying the stars

Thirty-four-year-old Australian comedian Celeste Barber has become a huge celebrity on Instagram. With more than a million followers, she’s made the entire internet belly-laugh with pictures that manage to be hilarious and to communicate a smart message at the same time.

It all started as a joke. She decided to reproduce the poses that stars post pictures of themselves in on social media: the originals always try to make them look oh-so-natural, but Celeste shows them up for how bizarre they are.

Her friends were the first to collapse in fits of laughter but pretty soon the internet was abuzz with images from her Instagram account. The hashtag #CelesteChallengeAccepted appeared, with people sending Celeste pictures of celebrities that she would then re-create with comically limited means.

The cool thing is, Celeste doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously despite the massive popularity of her project. She’s still taking on fun dares people send her: “I continued it because people are telling me it is their daily laugh,” she said.

The perfect-sexy-healthy-happy image that celebrities often project — usually heavily retouched if not completely fictional — can put a lot of pressure on us normal people. Celeste provides such a good antidote though: a reminder that family, fun, and success don’t usually look like those “perfect” pictures we see from the rich and famous. 

Thankfully her fans aren’t going easy on her. They suggest crazy poses for her to reenact, with priceless results, as you can see!

Her approach is so refreshing — after all, laughter is good for your health! And it keeps us focused on the things that really matter. 



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