This woman collects silicone babies to replace her deceased son

One day last summer, Carolynne Seiffert of New Hampshire was out shopping when something unexpected happened. She had parked her car at a Walmart and entered the store.  

While going about her errands, several people passed by her car and noticed that there was a baby in the backseat. The newborn was draped in a light blanket and had a bottle of milk next to it. It was a sweltering hot day and the baby was in direct sunlight. The onlookers called the police straight away to save the poor child.

When the police arrived, they noticed the baby was motionless. They didn’t lose a minute and broke the rear window to save the baby that seemed to have stopped breathing. One of the officers started performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on it. But something wasn’t quite right.


The baby was, in fact, a realistic-looking silicone doll! The police officer who tried to administer CPR to the fake baby was stupefied and couldn’t believe it. He was fooled by a doll. Nevertheless, he was sure it was a real baby, and claimed it even felt like a real baby when he picked it up. As it turned out, Carolynne had sadly lost her son a few years ago and since then she has been collecting hyper-realistic dolls called "reborn." They can cost anywhere around $2,000 and for Carolynne, it was a way to mourn her son. She has more than 40 dolls and takes them everywhere with her. That day, she took her doll, Ainsley, with her and sure enough, everybody was fooled by the realistic nature of the reborn doll.

When Carolynne saw what happened in the parking lot, she was really embarrassed. But the police officer who broke her car window didn’t hold it against her given her tragic experience, and even decided to pay for the damages. This woman who lost a child does what she can to carry on with her life. These dolls are a true consolation to her and they offer a presence she seeks in her everyday life. 


From now on, Carolynne will put a sticker on her car window to warn people passing by her car that the baby inside is only a doll. Hopefully, this will prevent such an incident from occurring again. Fortunately, what happened was more frightening than it was hurtful! Carolynne came across a very understanding police officer. Let's hope her dolls help her to deal with her losses in life. 


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