69-year-old criticized for eternal youth recipe claim

How old would you say Carolyn Hartz is at first glance?

Your answer certainly wouldn't be her actual age – the proud grandmother and self-employed entrepreneur is 69!

Carolyn has a simple explanation for how she manages to look so young and stay so fit: the sprightly pensioner says that she stopped eating refined sugar 28 years ago.

After being diagnosed with prediabetes almost three decades ago, Carolyn has been strict in eliminating sugar from her diet. She also exercises daily and sleeps 8 hours per night. In her view, this is all you need to do to keep your good looks.

However, the founder of "SweetLife", a provider of sugar-free products using Xylitol, has been receiving more than admiration and her bikini photos posted on social media have attracted sharp criticism.

Many readers have rejected her simple recipe for eternal youth and suspect that she has had cosmetic surgery. The fact that someone who sells sugar substitutes for a living claims that her good looks are down to a sugar-free lifestyle has also been a source of skepticism.

Carolyn concedes that she has undergone several "minor" cosmetic procedures.

Who knows? Maybe she has simply aged very well. Yet perhaps she has received more help than she is willing to admit.


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