Shocked mother finds altered photo of her baby on the net

Mom Caroline Enterfeldt enjoyed posting pictures of her two children on her Instagram page. But one day the mother from Sweden came across a photo of her one-year-old daughter Jayden that somebody had altered and reposted on the internet.


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The girl's eyes had been photoshopped from dark brown to blue. The altered image was then shared thousands of times on the internet.


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This also uncovered sites that are following a worrying Instagram trend. After being shown children's photos in their original and edited forms, users are asked which "version" they think looks better. 

Though originally intended for altering models and celebrities' photos, photoshopping now seems to be used to ensure babies attain certain "cuteness" standards; it's mixed race children who most frequently have their pictures manipulated so that their skin, hair and eyes appear lighter and supposedly more attractive. 

Jayden's mother couldn't understand why anyone would want to do this. "I'm just annoyed that the photo is everywhere," said the 27-year-old. "I'm so confident with my daughter's beauty, and for me she's perfect as she is."


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It seems our quest for beauty is leading us down ever more dubious paths... Each and every baby is beautiful — regardless of the color of their eyes!




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