Truck driver saves woman and two-year-old girl from burning car

On a highway in Mississippi, an accident happened that almost ended in tragedy.


At the time of the collision, truck driver David Fredericksen was just behind the site of the accident and his dashboard camera recorded the whole thing. David thinks what happened next must have been a miracle.

A driver who appeared to be trying to merge into the traffic flow rammed into a truck, causing an explosion. David stopped in front of the accident and rushed to the car alone with a fire extinguisher while other drivers near the scene remained in their cars.


"Please God, don't let me have to deal with somebody halfway-burned alive, screaming," thought David, as he approached the flaming wreck of the car. His first reaction was that none of the vehicle's occupants could still be alive. But as he began to tackle the flames, he noticed something inside the car.


"I saw this little head pop up in the back window, and immediately I was like, 'Wow, they're alive,'" remembers David. An older woman and her two-year-old granddaughter were trapped inside the burning car.

"The lady was laying in the front seat and she was trying to kick the door open. I heard the metal bending, I'm a pretty sized guy, and if you watch the video you can see me jerking on it to get it open, but it wouldn't open."


A few moments later, more helpers reached the flaming wreck and the car door was finally opened. David succeeded in pulling the little girl out, as she clung tightly to his neck, while the others helped the woman out of the front seat.

"It was surreal that they were ok, (...) I didn't think anybody could live through it," David explains. Apart from the grandmother suffering a broken leg, there were no major injuries. The driver of the rammed truck also survived.

"If I would have been 20 seconds sooner, I would have been down the road. If I would have been 10 seconds sooner, it would have been me she hit. I have never met the lady, but I'm just very happy that I was able to help her that day," David says.

The following video contains images of the accident and more information about what happened:

You can see the full, unedited dashcam footage of the accident here.

Who knows what would have happened without this selfless hero? As the video shows, he ran to help without hesitating for a second to consider the danger he was putting himself in. David Fredericksen really is an example to us all.



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