Adopted teen sings poignant song for his biological mother

At the young age of 14, Campbell was about to experience a particularly emotional event: going on stage to sing in front of a crowd of spectators on America's Got Talent. But not only that; what he was about to sing was known to bring him to tears.

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

Campbell was adopted when he was a baby. His mother already had three children and could not afford to feed and bring up a fourth. So she made the difficult decision to put her last-born child up for adoption.

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

This is how Campbell came to be raised by two dads. As for any teasing he had to endure at school, he dealt with it knowing he could not be more loved by his parents, commenting about their relationship, "As I was adopted as a baby, for me, having two fathers is perfectly normal."

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

But something was missing from his life: he never knew his mother and dreamed of meeting her one day. The singing competition was an opportunity for him to express his inner feelings and make her proud of him.

When he sang the first notes, the entire audience gasped. There are no words to describe what goes on here. Have a look for yourself:

The lyrics certainly pull at your heart strings:

"I have died every day waiting for you,
Darling don't be afraid,
I have loved you for a thousand years.
I'll love you for a thousand more."

Campbell was lucky enough to be adopted by parents who never criticized his mother for placing him for adoption. Instead, the teenager came to understand her decision and even learned to be grateful for it.

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

He has not an ounce of hard feelings to tarnish his image of his biological mother. He loves her dearly and just hopes to meet her one day.

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

Wherever she is, she must feel proud and relieved to see what's become of her son. Not for participating in a televised singing competition, but for the emotional maturity he demonstrated. In any case, his dads embraced him with tears in their eyes, and are infinitely proud of him.

Youtube/Trevor Henderson

They gave him the unconditional love that he draws strength from. A fine example of family and of love between fathers and sons.


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