She's suing Zara: woman finds part of a dead rodent in her dress

New Yorker and veteran bargain hunter Cailey Fiesel found two new dresses on clearance sale at the clothing chain Zara. After putting one of them on the next day, she noticed a strange smell that seemed to follow her everywhere. Then she felt a slight scratching on her leg and thought there must be a tag or loose thread. Cailey followed the seam down her side until she felt an odd lump in the dress. She tussled with it and something fell out! When she looked down and saw what was really scratching her she almost fell over: it was the leg of a dead rodent!

The animal had actually be sewn into the seam of the dress. Cailey ran straight to the toilet to take the dress off as fast as she could. Despite her hurry, she still broke out in a rash that her doctor later explained, most likely came from a rodent-borne disease. Cailey is suing Zara for damages. 

There's no way that could happen! Except when it does...  


Daily Mail


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