A bear is freed from torture at a bile farm in China

Bear bile is a popular ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine and there are numerous bile farms in China where farmers hold bears captive for the sole purpose of extracting this sought-after liquid from their gallbladders each day. This was the case for Caesar, a bear who was living in pure hell; she was locked up and tortured for the first part of her life.

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Her captors put her in a cage, bound her in a restrictive metal vest, opened her abdomen and placed a latex catheter there to drain the bile from her gallbladder. This went on for years on end, 24 hours a day.

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The bear seemed destined for a life of suffering and imprisonment until her death... if it hadn't been for the kind-hearted animal advocates from Animals Asia, who came to Caesar's rescue. 

On that particular day, upon arriving at the farm, the rescuers found Caesar locked up in a small iron cage, unable to move, surrounded by darkness, and outfitted with a torture vest. Her miserable living conditions shocked her rescuers; she was in terrible health and very weak.

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"These metal shackles are the worst imaginable kind of torture that I have ever seen at a bile farm,” said one of the members of Animals Asia.

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Animals Asia freed Caesar from this horrific fate. Since then, everything has changed for the bear.

Since being liberated in 2004, Caesar’s health has required a great deal of care, countless treatments, and lots of love. She suffered terribly from her traumatic living conditions and it's incredible that she was even able to survive the whole ordeal. After years of recovery at Animal Asia's Chengdu sanctuary, Caesar's health has returned and she has found happiness.


She has made a complete transformation into a strong, majestic bear with a radiant, beautiful coat.

“Caesar’s scars have all but disappeared and today she is an astonishingly beautiful and formidable bear. Weighing in at a humongous 600 lbs, Caesar is all muscle and all woman!”


The bear never returned to wildlife and never will: her past and the hardships she endured will never permit her to adapt to the outside world.

But she has everything she needs right here and her favorite activities in the sanctuary include swimming and sunbathing. When the weather starts to cool down in the fall, she also enjoys digging holes everywhere...


  ...and playing with her ball!

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Caesar is no longer the miserable bear she was 10 years ago. But even if her story has a happy ending, it’s important to keep in mind that thousands of other bears are still suffering the same torture, even if this practice has since become illegal in China.

A metal cylinder wrapped around a bear's body with open wounds is an outrageous practice, and no animal deserves to be treated this way! 

Fortunately, Caesar's story might raise awareness about these practices, and will hopefully one day put an end to them completely.


Animals Asia does everything in its power to save these bears, estimated at more than 10,000, from languishing in dreadful conditions. It's certainly a mission worthy of attention and support.


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