School blamed girl who was maliciously bullied for her situation

Tayla is just 13 years old and has already tried to kill herself. The girl has just barely gotten away from an environment that could drive even most stable adults to the depths of despair.

Tayla's classmates at the Dysart State School in Queensland, Australia targeted and mercilessly bullied her. They made fun of her, stole her money, and beat her. They told her terrible things such as, "Go and jump off a cliff, go and drown yourself, go and cut yourself; we don't really care."


She innocently gave her phone number to classmates thinking they were her friends. But then they started to bully her with text messages. She got obscene messages full of insults telling her to kill herself. Tayla was so upset that she didn't even want to go to school anymore.


When Tayla's mother Kali contacted the school administration and told them about the bullying, they placed the girl alone in a room during recess as a form of "help." "I didn't like being isolated; I wanted to go out and play, I just wanted people to leave me alone... It was like being in prison."

The principal told her mother that it was Tayla's own fault that she was being bullied. According to the principal, Tayla was "weird" and got bullied for it. Tayla started to draw the tormentors who derided her.


She drew pictures of her own dead body. She stopped eating.


Her parents called support groups and took her to therapy but nothing helped. Tayla's despair was so immense that she created an online petition calling for help. "I don't know what else I can do or where else I can seek help. My life is hell. Please sign this petition asking the Dysart State School to take a stand against bullies. Call on the government to do something so that the school will stop looking past this problem."

Tayla's petition spread across the internet. Over 10,000 people signed her request for help through the government. Hundreds of other children told of their experiences being bullied.

But the vicious children from her school responded to the petition with more cruelty. Tayla's everyday life at school became a total nightmare. Just a few weeks after the petition went online, she tried to take her own life.

"I wanted to leave this world and never come back," she said.


The school administration declined to make a statement.

"The school did nothing to protect my daughter," said Kali. She knew that there was only one way to protect her child. "We have to leave. Because I don't want my daughter dead. I feel like that's what's going to happen if we stay here. She's going to die."

Child protective services rated the bullying as so serious that Tayla was taken out of the school and advised to leave the city and stay with her grandparents.

Getting out of that environment is already doing wonders for Tayla. She can now put her awful time at the Dysart State School behind her, knowing that her family will always love her. Her mom and brothers will soon move to be with her and together they will start a new chapter in their lives. 


You can watch Tayla's story in this powerful documentary:

Hopefully Tayla will soon rediscover how beautiful life can be now that she is surrounded by friendly and loving people.


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