Man burns his legs after applying bug spray

In the summer of 2015, Ohio resident Mark Machesky decided to burn a brush pile. Before he set off into the woods, he covered his legs in bug repellent to protect himself from mosquitoes. When he went to light the pile on fire, he realized his deadly mistake. 

Mark's legs, along with the brush pile, went up in flames. He ran towards his house, desperately trying to pat the flames down. When he finally reached a garden hose, he let the water run over his burns for 20 minutes. 

Mark made it to the emergency room where doctors removed the remaining flesh, applied bacitracin, and wrapped his legs with bandages. But the road to recovery was only just beginning for Mark. He shared his story in a Facebook post: 

The product that Mark used to protect himself was flammable, and should have been left to dry before he started his fire. Let's hope his warning prevents people from making the same mistake in the future. 



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