Monstrous: Dog abuser horrifically tortures German Shepherd

Warning: This article contains images that some readers my find disturbing.

In the Romanian capital of Bucharest, a TV host by the name of Anneka Svenska made a horrible discovery. She had been working with an animal protection organization for long enough to have seen some truly terrible suffering, but this case left her absolutely speechless.

A woman who had been feeding stray dogs in her neighborhood came across a German Shepherd that had been completely mutilated. Its leg had been cut off, many of its teeth had been pulled out, its tail was cut off, and later it was determined that it had even been sexually abused. And after all that, the poor animal had been left to die on the street. Youtube/Green World TV

The dog lover immediately brought the unfortunate canine in for treatment at a nearby clinic. When Anneka arrived to document the situation, she was sickened. "To see this animal in such a state was horrifying. I couldn't imagine how someone could do that to this animal. Especially the sexual abuse. How can someone do that?" The clinic staff named the dog "Spirit" and worked furiously to keep her alive.

Youtube/Green World TV

When Spirit's wounds were examined, it was clear that someone had attacked her with a knife, then sexually abused her and left her to bleed to death in the snow. After several hours in the operating room, her condition was stabilized.

Youtube/Green World TV

The dog was very weak and her prognosis wasn't good, but Anneka and the other volunteers were still hopeful. At the same time, they were also extremely angry when they realized that they had little chance of catching the sadistic monster who had done this.

"It is extremely important that we catch this guy. He's obviously a dangerous psychopath. The police should take this very seriously," Anneka emphasized. It soon came out that Spirit wasn't the only victim of this dog abuser. In the street where they had found her they also discovered puppies that had suffered similar mutilation.

But at least there was some good news: Spirit was doing better and it looked like she would pull through. And, amazingly, despite her torture she was still very warmhearted and trusting of humans. The organization has even found someone in England who is willing to adopt her and when she's well enough, she'll make the journey to her new home.

It's likely that the mutilation of this poor animal was meant as a warning to those in the neighborhood who put out food for stray dogs. The number of strays in Bucharest is estimated at 60,000 and cases of abuse are unfortunately quite common.

This video tells Spirit's story, but be warned: the images are really quite disturbing.

It's cases like these that show just how important it is to have people like Anneka and other animal rights activists looking out for defenseless animals. They may not be able to save all of the victims of abuse, but they did find Spirit and now she can look forward to a much brighter future.


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