Abandoned dog with hideous wounds on its face is rescued

Warning: The following article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

An abandoned dog was found roaming the streets of Campeche, Mexico. Although it had nowhere to go, its fate was sealed: death. Passersby would avoid getting too close once they saw the poor animal's face, which meant help or a kind gesture never came. Alone on the streets, the dog seemed condemned to starvation, thirst and pain.

And it's no wonder people were afraid to come near it. It takes a pretty strong stomach just to look at this poor dog's severely deformed head. But there was one person who was able to put her fears aside and offer the suffering animal some relief, a woman named Fernanda Herrera.

For Fernanda, rescuing an animal was a new experience. She doesn't belong to any organization and hasn't seen the countless cases of abuse and neglect many animal rescuers witness on a daily basis. But it took only one look at Bruno (as she named the dog) for her to know she had to do something. She and her family took Bruno to a vet, but he didn't have good news.

According to the vet, Bruno had absolutely no chance of survival. He needed a lot of very expensive treatment and care. His advice? Put Bruno down and end his misery. But Fernanda was not ready to give up. She felt she just had to do something for the poor, helpless animal she had found.

She took Bruno to different vets and always came away with the same answer, Bruno should be put down. Disheartened, Fernanda walked into Dr. Esteban Eduardo Richaud's animal clinic, and it was here that Bruno was finally given a chance. Dr. Richaud gave Fernanda hope, but also told her that saving Bruno would cost a lot of money. X-rays showed he had two tumors in his face and one in his genitals and would have to undergo chemotherapy. Dr. Richaud predicted Bruno would need six to eight sessions to give him a chance at a new life. 

Bruno began treatment and was shown a lot of loving care, probably for the first time in his life. He proved to be a docile, gentle and very grateful dog. But the bills soon piled up and Fernanda could no longer pay them. Her neighbors started donating money for his treatment, and Fernanda also took to social media to ask for help for Bruno. She is still fundraising because the vets believe Bruno will need more chemo as well as X-rays and medication. 

Nobody knows for sure whether or not Bruno will pull through, but Fernanda and Dr. Richaud remain optimistic. What is certain is that Bruno is experiencing love for the first time in his life. Instead of being scared off by his wounds, everyone who sees him now pets and comforts him. For Bruno, it means the world, and it shows every time he wags his tail.





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