Good deed: Generous man pays for a teacher's supplies in Walmart

It's an end of summer tradition: children and parents around the country go shopping for back-to-school supplies, but you might find a few teachers in the check out line too. Many use their own money to buy items for students that aren't able to. When Reddit user BrinaBri was doing just that, she got an unexpected surprise:

"So, I was just at Walmart, buying school supplies for my kids, when this man started asking me questions (like why are you buying 150 notebooks).

I explained that I teach science and it wasn't worth the hassle of trying to get kids to bring their own notebooks, and that it takes away from time I could be teaching them. He then proceeded to pay my entire cart of classroom supplies.

I started crying and hugged him and asked for a picture. His son was watching the whole thing too. There are some really good people in this world," she wrote.

Thank you to this kind man for helping to take care of a hardworking teacher and setting an amazing example for his son in the process! We could use more folks like him in the world!


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