Cheating boyfriend receives 'break-up game' from girlfriend

If your lover is cheating on you, there's no point in dating any longer. You must end it there and then. But how do you go about finishing it? The writer of the letter below came up with an imaginative way to say goodbye to her cheating ex-boyfriend. She also prepared a little "game" as a break-up gift to him…

의정부고 졸업사진  지금부터 게임을 시작하지

Who wants to play the game?

Julie Taylor

The cheating boyfriend must have had quite the fright when he read this letter. While it's bad enough that his belongings have been dumped out in public, he's probably more concerned about the photos of him and his ex being sent to woman he's having an affair with. What a nightmare situation!

That sure is an inventive way to get revenge on a love cheat. Though the letter may seem funny, it shows that the woman was left heartbroken by the whole incident. We hope she finds someone better soon!


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