Young hero: 16-year-old saves little sister from burning house

New Hampshire teen Brandon Hutchins is only 16 years old and already a life-saving hero. As teenagers are known to do, one evening he'd been catching a nap when he was awoken from a by the fire alarm in his family's home. As he looked around he couldn't believe his eyes — there were flames everywhere...

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As Brandon ran from his room he could hear his mother screaming in panic. She had found one of Brandon's sisters and his brother and was heading for the door. When Brandon and his mother were safely out of the house they did a head count and quickly realized that something was wrong: the youngest child in the family, three-year-old Melodi, wasn't there! Brandon looked around and noticed the glow of a TV in the upstairs window. Melodi had been watching cartoons and was probably still in the room waiting for help.

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"I rushed back into the smoking and very hot house, and grabbed her from her room. She was watching Dora the Explorer and was in bed. She was not happy to see me. I was really worried that she would fight her way out of my hands but I held her really tight," remembers Brandon. Fortunately the young man managed to get his little sister out of the burning house and save her life.


"The flames were just coming to her room and I heard a crack from a window. I rushed down the stairs without seeing anything but smoke, guessing where to go, and coughing and inhaling a lot of smoke. I didn't have my glasses too so my vision was even worse," recalled the young hero as he described his daring rescue mission.

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Brandon's mother is obviously incredibly proud of her brave son. Unfortunately the fire completely destroyed the house and the family has been living in a hotel until they can find a new home.

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Melodi is still too young to truly understand what her older brother did for her, but at some point she'll realize just how much she owes him. Brandon, however, isn't looking for any medals — simply having his little sister around is enough of a reward for him. The important thing is that all the members of the family are alive and well.

Now all that's left to do is find a new place to call home. Let's hope that happens soon! 




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