Moving: Man writes letter to his deceased girlfriend and unborn baby

Brandon Forseth and Kylee Bruce were in love. They lived together near Bend, Oregon, when — just five days before Christmas — Kylee drove into town. They had some days off and were both looking forward to celebrating the holidays together.

On the road however, tragedy struck. Kylee, known as “Ky,” was in a terrible car crash and died on the spot. She was only 24 years old.

But something else that no one knew except Brandon, was that she was 18 weeks pregnant. They’d decided to wait until the 20th week, when they might have known the baby’s gender, to announce the pregnancy to their friends and families. 

Brandon’s heartbreak was all-consuming. In one blow he had lost his partner and their baby, his first child. Just before Christmas, he channeled his pain into a moving letter to Kylee which he posted online. It can be so important not to be alone with our suffering and as you can see, hundreds of thousands of people rallied to share his experience with him:

The huge love — and excruciating pain — he expresses and the strength it must have taken to do it can’t help but move you. If nothing else, it’s a reminder to hold the ones we love and appreciate them while we have them. Life, and love, are miracles.




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