Lovechild: Baby has unique birthmark on forehead

Twenty-eight-year-old Ceyda Engin of the Turkish capital Ankara had just given birth to her first child, Çinar. The nurse was gently wiping the newborn clean when she saw something on his forehead: over his right eyebrow, this baby had a birthmark in the shape of a heart! 

The first time Çinar's father Murat held his new son in his arms he was completely surprised: "I was really surprised. When I came to close his head I realised that it was an amazing heart. It was difficult for me to keep my tears."

Çinar became the star of the delivery ward, with all the doctors and nurses coming by to take pictures with the baby. "When we go to hospital for custom control, nurses and doctors know him and called him as 'Hearted boy'." 

Çinar is meanwhile 14 months old and growing up beautifully. His parents reported that everywhere he goes, people notice him and are delighted: "When we walk around, all people smile us and love him. It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings. We believe that he was born with his chance."

Clearly a child of love!



Daily Mail 


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