Customers to be served by robots in London's first blowjob café

The story seems so absurd that it's actually quite hard to believe: the Swiss entrepreneur Bradley Charvet plans to open cafés throughout Europe that will offer a coffee and oral sex from a prostitute for around $65. He calls his brand „Café Fellatio“ a concept that was inspired by similar establishments that cater to sex tourists in Thailand.

In Geneva, Switzerland the laws regarding prostitution are very permissive, which means that Bradley won't have any problems putting his business plan into action there. Customers will be able to order a coffee at the bar and then look through a selection of prostitutes on an iPad until they find the one they want. The café will only serve heterosexual men who want to receive oral sex while they enjoy their coffee.

In many European countries the laws won't impede Bradley's plans. But he also wants to open a café in London where prostitution laws are much stricter and in order to get around these complications, Bradley has come up with a clever plan. 

 Instead of employing real women, Bradley plans on using "sex robots" in his cafés in the UK.

This is another idea that he borrowed from Asia and in his opinion, sex robots will revolutionize the sex industry. Owners of establishments that provide sexual services will no longer have to be concerned with payment, hygiene, working conditions or human rights.

He already has plans for eight cyborg prostitutes in his café located in the London district of Paddington. The robot sex workers will be dressed in various costumes and uniforms and offer men sexual gratification in exchange for money. In Bradley's opinion he is fulfilling every man's dream and he's quite confident that men will be flocking to his new establishment: "What could be better than meet your friends around a cafe and to enjoy a nice blow job from a sex robot?"

If his café really is successful, Bradley is planning to open a second one in Manchester, but only time will tell if the UK is ready for this revolutionary approach to the sex trade. In any case, Geneva seems very ready and Bradley will be opening his flagship café there in December 2016.


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