15 pictures of boyfriends working VERY hard to get a good angle

It’s an open secret that most of those "perfect" photos we see on social media didn't just happen by accident. It takes a lot of work to pose, arrange the scene, and snap that pic at just the right moment.

And it's not just a phone with a camera timer, awkwardly propped up somewhere nearby: it turns out there are so many boyfriends behind the pics women post of themselves, they've gotten their own Instagram account. 

What these amateur photographers had to do to get the perfect shot… respect!

1. A "casual" snapshot.

2. Not the most comfortable angle, but maybe that’s not the point.

3. He'll take the pic but he's not getting up. 

4. Driving with the roof down, the wind blowing through her hair, gazing into the distance…

5. Quick pic and then you can go back inside, honey. This is a girls-only party!

6. If I just get down here — no wait, a little lower… 

7. Wait… pose… and… great, just let me post that.

8. Totally casual!

9. Whoops! Forgot about the mirror.

10. Hold on, my hair — ok, now!

Hashtag: justhappenedtocatchmeinthisposethatmakesmybuttlookgood

11. And carrying her purse!

12. a) Where are they? I want to go there. b) Please don't let her lean back even another inch. 

13. She was going to take a selfie, but…

14. Hey kid, get out of the picture.

15. The longest selfie stick in the world?

We've all asked someone to snap a good picture of us at one time or another. But these women were lucky to have a good man around who was willing to go the extra mile for the right shot! 

It’s always good to see the stagecraft behind the show, to remember that what looks perfect does just that — looks perfect. Whether or not it is perfect is another story! 




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