Boy grows tail during puberty

Obviously our bodies change a lot during puberty: hair grows in new places, body shapes change, and we start to have experiences that begins our journey away from childhood. But what this 14-year-old boy from India experienced is far from normal and has shocked scientists from around the world.

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As he was entering puberty, a tail — eerily similar to a cat's tail — suddenly began to grow from his back. Apparently, the tail wasn't medically dangerous, but doctors still thought it would be better to remove it. At nearly eight inches long, it was the longest tail to ever be documented on a human being.

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Even though the tail was harmless, the boy found it really uncomfortable, especially when sitting. Plus, if his classmates had found out about it, there is no doubt he would've faced serious social consequences. His doctors were completely baffled: why on earth did this tail start growing? It seems it was due to a genetic mutation that was already present in the womb, yet presented itself for the first time in puberty. 

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The boy and his family chose to remain anonymous in hopes of avoiding excess negative attention.

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However, this isn't the first case of an Indian boy developing a tail. A 13-year-old boy named Malaji from northwestern India also grew a tail during puberty and is treated as a holy being in his village. People consider his mutation a sign of supernatural powers at work.

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If one can't undergo surgery to remove the extra appendage, being treated as holy can't be so bad! Still, one hopes that if he so chooses, treatment will be made available to him.



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