Sweet: Little boy says goodbye to his pacifier forever

Blake Burnett was about to turn two when his parents decided that they needed to separate him from the thing he loved the most: his pacifier. They came up with the most stylish plan for making this happen, though. The pacifier, which Blake called "Bibi," would float up into the sky and disappear.

On his birthday, he would have one last nap with his beloved binky...

Youtube/Scott Burnett

After the nap, his parents tied the pacifier to helium balloons. Then the little tyke let go and the balloons floated skyward — together with Bibi.

Youtube/Scott Burnett

With lots of excited waves and calls of "Bye-bye, Bibi!" the little binky disappeared into the misty blue. And then they turned to celebrating Blake's birthday!

Youtube/Scott Burnett

Check out the whole adorable scene in this video:

Now Blake is fine without a pacifier: a farewell without tears.

Well done, Blake's parents. That's the way to do it!




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