61-year-old gets stood up and celebrates birthday with strangers

A 61-year-old man went to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday with his family. At least that was the idea. He arrived early and began setting things up, pushing tables together, placing the cake on the table, adding some decorations and a few party hats. Then he sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. But no one came.

The other guests in the restaurant began wondering what was going on.

When the man's cell phone started buzzing he quickly read the text message in excited anticipation. After reading it, however, the disappointment was written all over his face. It was obviously bad news and it looked like the party wasn't going to happen.

But instead of giving up and leaving, the man stood up and said in a loud voice: "Please excuse me, but can I have your attention? Today is my birthday, I'm turning 61 years old and I wanted to celebrate with my family. I've been waiting for my children and grandchildren, but nobody has come," he announced. At this point he got emotional and had to pause before continuing. "Anyone who wants to can come sit with me and celebrate my birthday. I would also be forever grateful for a little birthday song," he added.

The good news is he didn't have to ask twice. Before he knew it he was joined by everyone else in the place and the party began! The 61-year-old birthday boy got his song and a ton of hugs as well. His own family had stood him up on this important day, but thankfully he was surrounded by kind strangers who made sure that he got the party he deserved.

The man's smiling face says more than 1,000 words ever could: a group of warm and caring strangers was the best present he could have hoped for. It was a small gesture that made a big difference in one person's life. Simply wonderful!


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