Video: NFL player visits bullied kid

Two years ago, 12-year-old Billy transferred to a new school. Upon arrival, he was constantly bullied by other kids who made fun of his teeth and lankiness. But despite being scared at school, Billy had big dreams of playing football. One day, an NFL superstar stopped by for a heart-to-heart with the young boy. As it turned out, they had more in common than one might think: 

The story doesn't end there. After going viral, a dentist left this comment on the YouTube video:

"After watching this video, I reached out to the producers of the show and my company and I will be working on this little guys teeth. Yes, as a Houstonian and fan of JJ, this clip was viewed by me mainly because of JJ… But I work in the dental field and quickly noticed that Billy needed orthodontic treatment, and my attention and heart were quickly won over by Billy. Billy is coming in Thursday for his first consultation."

Months later, the same man wrote again: 

"He has been having braces for almost two months now. He is very charismatic and feeling more confident. He even mentioned to us that he had two girlfriends (LOL). Things have changed for this little guy, all for the best."


Sometimes, it takes a little help from a hero to help us realize our full potential. Billy will certainly remember this encounter for a long time to come. If you were also touched by this compassionate NFL superstar and by Billy — the kid with the smile and the dream — then share this heartwarming story.



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