Homeless man finds wedding ring in his cup and moves a woman to tears

In 2013, a homeless man named Billy Ray Harris of Kansas City had a one-of-a-kind experience, an episode that demonstrated his character in an unforgettable way. Sarah Darling passed him on the street and stopped to give him some money. She opened her change purse and emptied it into the cup he collected coins in. 

But a couple of hours later, when Sarah got home, she realized she'd made a horrible mistake. She had put her engagement ring in her change purse. Worried almost out of her mind, Sarah drove back to the spot where she'd seen the homeless man but he wasn't there.

Billy Ray had meanwhile seen the ring and taken it to a jewelry shop to have it assessed. When the jeweler looked at it, he nearly blew Billy Ray's mind: the ring was set with real diamonds and he would offer him $4,000 for it on the spot.

YouTube/ WPRI

Billy Ray was torn. If he sold the ring, he could turn his whole life around. But something in his heart said it wasn't right. He stood paralyzed for a moment, but finally said goodbye to the jeweler and left the shop, still in possession of the ring. 

The next day, Sarah — still desperate — returned to the corner where the homeless man usually sat and... there he was again. She was nervous but she went up and asked him if he remembered her. Billy Ray said yes. And then he took the ring out of his bag and gave it to her.

YouTube/ WPRI

Sarah and her soon-to-be husband were so grateful that they launched a campaign to raise money to help him. Lots of people heard the story and were deeply touched that he had chosen to turn down the opportunity to benefit, but instead had held out and done such an extraordinary good deed.

Before long, they had raised the incredible sum of $200,000 to help Billy Ray start a new life. The publicity also alerted his long-lost siblings in Texas to his whereabouts and they got back in contact after 16 long years. They'd thought he was dead and were so grateful and touched to find out the truth.

Watch the video to see the whole amazing story: 

It's an inspiring story, and a great reminder that sometimes the most virtue dwells in the most modest places — not to mention, an example of the power of generosity!




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