After getting cheated on, this woman transformed into a bombshell

Betsy Ayala of Texas had recently had a baby. Her family celebrated Christmas together, and yet her life was about to change — all because of a glance at her husband’s phone. 

But let’s rewind: the truth is that Betsy had always been a little over her ideal weight. Bullied as a child and suffering from anxiety, she’d found comfort in food. She got trapped in the vicious cycle of not exercising because she was too tired …because she was too heavy …because she didn’t exercise. After she had her daughter Isabella, she weighed 260 lbs. 

Her weight, plus post-partum depression, had had a negative impact on her relationship. She felt unhappy and neglected as well. Wanting to get a grip on things and be a good role model for her daughter, she started a diet and managed to lose 60 lbs. But her life didn’t seem to change.

And then, that moment, two days after Christmas: she saw messages her husband and another woman had been exchanging on Facebook. 

The first devastating news was that he was clearly having an affair. But just as bad was the next realization, that they were writing about her. They called her terrible names, making fun of her size and looks. (The icing on the cake was that he had always encouraged her to eat junk food and not worry about her weight. Almost like he "enabled me or wanted me to stay that way...")

As you can imagine, Betsy was shocked and heartbroken. But she was something else too: she was suddenly motivated. She wasn’t going to let this define her. She was going to get control, for her daughter and for herself. She took her hurt and frustration to the gym — six times a week, attending dance and Zumba classes, working out regularly, and in addition, totally changing her eating habits.

 Anyone expecting her to fall deeper into a depression was about to be very surprised.

 Slowly and steadily, Betsy lost weight and gained strength and self-assurance. 

 Not only that, her mood improved too. 

She ended up losing 110 lbs. altogether and as she explains now, “I'm happier, I'm confident, and most of all I'm positive. I know that I'm capable of so much and I'm so happy to set a good example for my daughter.”

She’s not wasting any time on bitterness and revenge either. She took the time she needed but then forgave her ex-husband: “What he did was about him and not me. My journey has really helped me understand that.” That must be the smartest attitude a person could have in this situation. 

Today she has a full life…

...with a very cute little girl!

Sharing not just her pain but her success, Betsy is a role model for her daughter and for anyone trying to change their life. She’s living hers now, with joie de vivre and grace — inspiring!


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