Help! Cat gets stuck in the garage door.

It's a real nightmare to come home and find a cluster of people, including police officers, standing in front of your house. A man from a little community called Ascension in Louisiana had this awful experience recently as he returned home from grocery shopping. 

When he saw the reason for the crowd, he was horrified: his cat Bella was hanging helplessly, trapped between the closed garage door and ceiling. It wasn't clear whether she was alive or dead, and if alive, terribly injured.

Even police officer Mike Scott had been shocked at the sight of the unlucky animal as he drove by but he didn't hesitate long. Together with some neighbors, they cut a hole in the garage door, saving the distressed Bella and handing her back to her relieved owner. 

It seemed that Bella had fallen asleep in the opening between the garage door and ceiling. Then, when her owner left to go shopping and pull the door closed, she was trapped there. But the astonishing part is that once Bella recovered from her shock, she walked away from the accident unscathed! 

What a fright, but with a fortunate ending. It's a good thing that the neighbors saw her and Officer Scott happened to drive by to join forces in rescuing her before anything worse could happen.

You can bet Bella's owner will check the garage door carefully from now on before opening and closing it! 


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