Soldier's fiancée announces pregnancy with a special game

Bee lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and because her fiancé, Erik Blanco, is a soldier in the Air Force, she has gotten used to him being away for long periods. When Bee found out that Erik would be away again for five weeks, she decided to prepare a very special surprise for him.

Erik was 2,000 miles away, so Bee decided to send him a package with a homemade quiz. She wrote that it was an "engagement game" and he should film himself while he played it. At this point Erik didn't suspect a thing, the couple were planning to get married soon and the engagement was a common topic of conversation. The Scrabble game that Bee had prepared was meant to test how well Erik knew his future bride. She had even included a handmade  game board and a variety of letter tiles.

Youtube/ E&B Blanco

But fortunately the game wasn't too difficult and Erik was able to decipher the very important message: "Our due date is in October." Erik was speechless when he realized that he was going to be a father for the fourth time (the couple already has three children). He could hardly suppress his tears of joy as he turned to the camera and told his fiancée how much he loved her.

Youtube/ E&B Blanco

"I'm about to call you. I love you," he said before turning off the video. You can watch the whole story here:

Erik and Bee got married on April 2, 2016 just as planned and a few months later on October 4, their daughter Nyah Blanco was born!

The family now has a new member and together the six of them couldn't be happier. And Bee's unique approach to telling her husband about the pregnancy is something he'll never forget.

At some point in the years to come Nyah's parents are sure to tell her all about her mother's clever game. And when they do, she will probably be as amused and impressed as her daddy was.



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