Special bed gives parents more time to say farewell to dead babies

When Becki Wilson gave birth to her son Carter-James, she knew they wouldn't have much time together. Doctors had already told the 27-year-old from Edgeley, England, that her son would not survive long after birth. Becki only had 16 hours with Carter-James before his tiny heart stopped beating.

But Becki was able to spend three more days with her son thanks to a special invention called the "Cuddle Cot." This baby bed has a cooling system that keeps it at a chilly 45 degrees and keeps the body from decomposing. This gives the parents more time to deal with their loss and say their final farewell when their baby dies.

"I got to dress him, got to wash him and got to stare at him for hours like any other mother would. Being able to do that made a dramatic difference. I felt like I was able to be a mum to him, and that's something I'll never forget," explained Becki.

Now Becki wants to help make this experience possible for other families and is collecting donations that will go to providing more Cuddle Cots to local hospitals.

Thanks to the Cuddle Cot, Becki has been able to deal with the loss of her little Carter-James and at least has some memories to remember him by. Her campaign to provide more of these special beds will hopefully help other families dealing with the same kind of tragedy.


Daily Mail


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