Girl who bullied classmate is taught an important lesson

Kaylee Olsen was a completely normal 11-year-old girl from Utah, with a huge passion for fashion. She loved shopping for new clothes and dressing to look good. But she placed too much emphasis on appearances. Kaylee bullied one of the girls in her class because she couldn't buy any new clothes. She taunted her: "You're ugly, you look sleazy, you're mean!"

When her stepmother heard about this, she was shocked. She simply wouldn't tolerate bullying. So she looked for a way to teach her stepdaughter some respect and manners. Then, she had a great idea:

She decided to take Kaylee shopping with her. They went to a thrift store where Kaylee was allowed to pick out the "ugliest clothes" she could find, and she had a lot of fun doing it. This was mostly because she didn't realize that for the next two days she would be made to wear these clothes.

... and learn how it feels to be on the other side. She couldn't believe that her parents would force her to do this and was understandably less than happy about it. Suddenly she was standing in the spotlight. The other kids made fun of her and Kaylee felt first-hand how hurtful it can be, to have everyone laugh at you. Needless to say, she learned her lesson very quickly — what matters is the person, not the clothes. Now she has a different perspective and can sympathise with how mean she was to her classmates. Kaylee spoke to the girl that she had bullied and apologized. The best part of the whole story: the two girls discovered how much they had in common and are now best friends!

In the video you can see the whole story again:

In any case, Kaylee learned her lesson and now knows how it feels to be bullied. All of America was debating whether this course of action was too damaging to the self-confidence of children. Such humiliation punishment was effective in Kaylee's case but what do you think? If you find this creative lesson a good idea, and think that children should have more respect for their peers, then feel free to share this post with everyone that you know.


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