Funny video: Toddler twins sneak out of bed at night, again and again

If their parents got their way, two-year-old twins Ryan and Andrew Balkin would lie in bed obediently, shut their eyes, and go right to sleep after Daddy leaves the room.

The adorable duo from New York are clearly night owls though, as the security camera footage from their bedroom hilariously reveals...

Dragging their pillows from one place to another, climbing over the furniture, even chillin' on the couch — these two don't need much to have a blast. And just moments after their parents burst in catching them in the act, tuck them back into bed and painstakingly put all the pillows away, they're back at it! They're irrepressible!!! And clearly their parents have a sense of humor about it — so glad they were willing to share their priceless tots with the rest of us. Did this make your day too?


Daily Mail 


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