Painful: Doctors find 150 needles in 56-year-old's body

When Badrilal Meena from India was brought to the hospital, he was already so weak that he couldn't even walk, eat or speak. The 56-year-old was in so much pain that he could no longer sleep. Doctors quickly performed an X-ray to find out what the problem was and were horrified by what they saw: Badrilal had 150 needles in his body!

For some strange reason Badrilal had inserted the needles into his own body and even swallowed some of them. His family hadn't noticed anything, and Badrilal himself has no recollection of how the needles ended up inside him. Based on this claim, the doctors assumed that Badrilal was probably suffering from a schizophrenic disorder.

Regardless of how they came to be there, it was clear that they had to be removed as quickly as possible. The needles that were stuck in his esophagus and neck were of particular concern. Over the course of a six-hour operation, the doctors had to remove the needles one by one without damaging any of Badrilal's organs or arteries. It was a risky procedure that could have easily ended in tragedy at the slightest slip of the finger.

But the surgeons at the "Asian Institute of Medicinal Sciences" in Faridabad proved their skills and managed to remove the needles without any problems. Badrilal is now under constant supervision and is receiving medication for his psychiatric condition.

It's a happy ending to a strange story and Badrilal is extremely grateful. "I'm relieved," he exclaimed in his first public statement after the risky operation. Hopefully now, with the help of counseling and medication, he can live a more balanced life free from self-inflicted pain.



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