Is this the actual birth? The new trend in realistic babyshower cakes

Warning: This article contains images and video that some readers may find disturbing.

The arrival of a new baby in the family is a happy moment and something worth celebrating. It's definitely worth having a baby shower with cake and gifts, right? But how would you feel if someone brought a cake like this to your party?


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It seems to be a growing trend: an extremely realistic cake depicting the moment of childbirth. The creations are diverse and can be terrifying. Feast your eyes on these:

1. "I can see the head!"

2. Before... and after!


My baby shower cake! #vaginacake #beforeandafter

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3. Push!


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4. Someone doesn't look happy...


The proper cake for a baby shower, no? #vaginacake

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5. Don't forget to cut the cord...


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6. You could always opt for "Placenta Cake."


Baby shower placenta cake! Made with red velvet cake! #placentacake #artisankitchenpaducah #babyshowercakes #grossbabyshowercake

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7. Or a more medical cake...

8. With all kinds of details... 


 9. By C-section:


10. Or with a little gift included!


And finally, if you want to see what happens when you cut one of these cakes, here's a short video:


Good baby shower cake or GREAT baby shower cake

This craze for hyper-realistic cakes at baby showers is definitely original, although sometimes perhaps a bit too... literal? But maybe they're just showing what it's really like to give birth? What do you think? Would you have a slice?



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