Parents are rattled when their three-year-old reports hearing a voice

Parents Jay and Sarah of Washington State were perplexed when their three-year-old son told them he was scared because someone was speaking to him on the phone. At first, they though perhaps he had an overactive imagination, but one evening they were disturbed to hear a man's voice speaking through their baby monitor.


What Jay heard sent shivers down his spine. "Wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you," the voice said. 

Someone — perhaps across the country, perhaps across the street — had managed to hack into their baby monitor and was controlling it remotely with a mobile device! As if the voice were not terrifying enough on its own, they soon discovered that the hacker was also able to control the video camera to scan around the room. 

They heard the voice announce something along the lines of "Look, someone's coming" as Sarah entered the room.


Today's high tech baby monitors are often complete systems with sound and video transmission functions and therefore often controlled via internet.

Nobody knows exactly what the hacker had been doing prior to being discovered. What had he been saying to their son? Did it go beyond simply speaking to the boy — did he take photos, for instance? Could this person actually be a danger to them? 

All of the unknowns have been very unsettling for the couple, who asked that their full names and specific location be withheld in case the hacker is stalking them.

While hackers are growing more and more sophisticated and there's no foolproof security system out there, there are some steps you can take to make yourself less of an easy target. A baby monitor should never have the same password as the wifi. The password should also be complicated and difficult to guess and avoid obvious choices such as family names or simply "1234" or "abcd." Passwords should also be changed regularly. In addition, the baby monitor software and the wifi router should always be up to date. 

Here is a TV report about this topic:

Hearing that voice is just bone-chilling! Sarah and Jay have come forward to share their story to prevent other children and parents from falling victim to hackers. These days, one can never be too careful!


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