Mom of three doubles the no. of children in her next pregnancy

An Australian couple, Chloe and Rohan Dunstan, considered themselves lucky to have three adorable sons all one year apart. But their unfulfilled wish was to have a daughter. The couple decided to give it a fourth and final try.

Everything went perfectly and the parents were almost bursting with joy when they found out that Chloe was pregnant again. But then something happened that no one expected. Her belly grew to be so massive that she began to worry. It was much larger than a normal pregnancy!

During an ultrasound she found out she got a 3-for-1 pack! The idea of having triplets came as a serious shock for the already large family. They then learned that one of the babies was not getting enough oxygen and it was the little girl they had wished for for so long that really had to fight for her life.

The situation became more precarious for the baby girl who was dying in her womb and the parents had to decide between two extreme possibilities. Either induce an early birth, that could endanger all three babies or let their daughter die during the course of the pregnancy to protect the two other boys. The family was completely torn between the two decisions and either way it looked like they had to come to terms with losing at least one of their unborn children.

What an unbelievably strong couple to have to go through such a heart-wrenching ordeal. Chloe was intent on giving all three a chance at survival and week by week surprisingly all three babies continued to grow. "I know she was strong because she was still alive at 28 weeks," said Chloe about her brave little daughter. With each day that passed, the survival chances of the babies increased inside her belly. But the danger had not yet passed! And a few days later, all three were born.

Since they were born early, all three babies were very small and weak. They spent several days in the hospital and even received blood transfusions. The parents were still uncertain as to whether or not they made the right decision by inducing an early birth. They questioned whether having a daughter was worth endangering the lives of their two other children. Luckily, the tiny babies named Rufus, Henry, and Pearl became stronger with each passing day.

When the whole family finally was reunited weeks later, the joy was immense. Even the three older brothers were overjoyed at the sight of their little siblings.

The image of the six siblings together is simply heart melting!

Here you can see the two brothers snuggling up close to their sister in the middle, somehow instinctively knowing they have to be there to protect her.

Let's hope this beautiful and charming family have put the trying times behind them and that the triplets grow to be big and strong. Even though life tests us with the most difficult decisions sometimes, this wonderfully uplifting story can help those struggling families by showing there is always hope in this world.


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