11 babies that are perfect lookalikes of famous people

Pictures of lookalikes always make us laugh, somehow especially when the people involved are complete strangers, or even better, celebrities. So just imagine having a baby that looks like another country’s president or a movie star! At least the parents here have a great sense of humor about it… 

1. Prince George and his doppelgänger


2. Seth Rogan and his mini-me

3. John Legend and his baby lookalike


4. Baby Ziggy and Wallace Shawn, it's "inconceivable!"

5. Baby Morgan and Shirley Temple

6. No garden gnome here, just Baby Hazy — and Audrey Tatou!

 7. Gordon Ramsay and his doppelgänger


 8. Baby James and Alfred E. Newman

9. We can handle the truth: baby Henry and Jack Nicholson

10. Daniel and Billy Idol

11. Vladimir Putin and his mini-me



It’s a little crazy how much these babies look like copies of famous people to whom they aren’t at all related. I can’t stop looking at them — irresistible!


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