Terribly abused dog rescued just in time

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing.

It is a sad truth that far too many animals all over the world are still being abused, neglected, tormented, not properly cared for or simply left behind when their owners choose to move away. A poor puppy named Ayron unfortunately had to learn things the hard way in his home in Rio de Janeiro.

When Wilson Martins discovered the dog in a run-down house, he was completely shocked. The animal had obviously been beaten and severely abused before it was simply left to die there alone. The horrific sight was enough to make the grown man cry with pity.

Ayron's entire body was strewn with terrible wounds, many of which were severely infected. The wretched animal was too weak to even support itself on its own four legs. But to leave him alone in his state, would surely have led to an agonizing death.

But just like Ayron, Wilson is also a fighter. He did not give up on the distressed creature. He gently wrapped the wounded animal up in his shirt, and took it to an emergency animal clinic.

There Ayron finally got the attention and treatment he so urgently needed. It quickly became apparent that his terrible wounds were also infested with worms that had nestled into it.

The sight was simply appalling. Ayron probably wouldn't have lasted much longer had he not been rescued when he was. The doctors cleaned, fed and treated the dog with antibiotics. Slowly, Ayron started to recover.

His wounds were kept clean with bandages and gradually Ayron began to regain his strength and could start to trust in people once more.

After all the hardships were overcome, a beautiful, sweet animal emerged.

Shortly afterwards, Ayron was ready to move in with his rescuer, who had always been there for him, and who would take good care of him from now on.

What a lucky coincidence that Ayron was found by a good Samaritan like Wilson. Just imagine what awful fate may have threatened him otherwise. This brave fighter has more than earned the happy life he now leads.


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