24-year-old wrote open letter to her ex's new girlfriend

Audrey Loving lives with her daughter Riley in Virginia. She and Riley's father married very young but they separated soon after having the now four-year-old child. When the little girl goes to visit her dad, she also spends time with her dad's girlfriend Whitney.

Audrey needed to get something off her chest about this, so she wrote an open letter to her ex's new woman that she posted on Facebook:

The 24-year-old knows what she's talking about too. She grew up in a patchwork family herself. She knows it's still hard to "share" her child with someone else, at least at the beginning: "Of course it’s hard. You have a kid and your mama bear comes out," explained Audrey. First she felt mistrusting: "I would write a whole list for Whitney. But the fact that someone’s there loving my daughter … I’m at peace knowing she’s being taken care of. The more people that love your kid, the better."

What a great attitude!




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