Ethiopian woman wears massive eight-inch lip disc

An Australian film crew had been traveling through the remote valleys of southern Ethiopia when they met Ataye Eligidagne. Upon setting eyes on the 20-year-old for the first time, the documentary makers were left speechless. That's because the young woman had an iron disc placed in her bottom lip that was almost as large as her head.

It took Ataye three years to stretch her lip out far enough to accommodate the eight-inch disc; she did so by gradually increasing the size of the discs. The Ethiopian even had two teeth removed so that the disc stays in place. 

Wearing lip discs is a symbol of prestige for the pastoral Suri and Mursi tribes residing in South Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia — the larger the lip disc a woman has, the larger the dowry of cattle the woman's family would receive when she gets married. 

It's fascinating to see how beauty is defined across different cultures around the globe. As demonstrated by Ataye, the human body is astonishingly stretchable, too! 




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